The love of my life
Gosh it's ridiculous how much I miss this man when he has a super busy week
Little Mr
Hey dude all your warm clothes are getting to small on you! Lol
Best Friends <3
I am one blessed mama💗💗
Toothless snorkeling in the Keys.jpg  I wish she never had to loose this toothless smile
Loving Key West! Maybe we could get use to Island life!?!
It's official...
To me this photo pretty much embodies summer.jpg Lol coonskin hat, swinsuit and a bugs bunny popsicl
Long boarded from our suit in Venice this morning all the way down to Santa Monica so we could play
My first baby love
After the 5k color in motion this am😍
Damian Rice concert😃. This is the music we fell in love to... Can't believe it was 10 years ago
Had some left over balloons from one of my photoshoots this week so the girls decided to send some n
Guess what everyone!?!!? ;)
2 Months! We had to get a few more family shots with this baby bump!! :D (excuse the girls goofy smi
My Son Azariah...The little one I have always dreamed of. Some how I always knew I would have you
Untitled 2015-9-8-22:46:39
So happy I get to have such a beautiful assistant for my Photoshoot this morning
Went to Bristols Buses at the Brewery aka heaven! 😋 jk jk #familydreamcar

I have loved photography my whole life. And im often in awe of the fact that I get to do this for a living. It is my only job (besides being a mom) so I get to dedicate alot of my time and energy into making every client I have happy with thier experience :D

Ok first things first Whimzy is deffinetly a family gig lol

I have been married to my best friend for almost 10 years and we have two beautiful daughters and a handsom baby boy. Dont be suprised if you see them on your shoot. Since they do assist me from time to time.

 I am a Colorado Native and I love it! I seriously think we live in one of the most beautiful states and I love that we get to experience all four beautiful seasons here. 

 I would say im very crafty and I love to make alot of my props. I would love it if you

check out my Portfolio and see if im the photographer for you. I love working with color and I use alot in my editing. I am also not a pose and shoot photographer. But I will direct you and try to get the most natural photos of you and your loved ones. If you look at my stuff and love it please contact me and lets set up a time to capture your very own magical moments. I would love to meet you!-xx

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